Gong-cha cafe interior

Owners Who Appreciate Quality

Being a part of a dynamic sector and a respected company are what Gong cha sub-franchises are pleased about. Gong cha sub-franchises across the world constantly benefit from our exceptional products, our dedication to service, and a franchise system that puts quality first and foremost. You can profit from your entrepreneurial spirit when you own a Gong cha franchise.

Being Unique Comes Naturally

Gong cha is looking for people like you who are dedicated, goal-oriented, and committed to providing excellent service for their customers. If you agree, you may be a good fit for Gong cha.

Gong cha cafe interior

The Industry is ready. Are You?

Gong cha is leading the way in bubble tea’s popularity. More and more people are becoming bubble tea aficionados, and we are running out of space fast. Seize the moment, and you, too, can grow with Gong cha.

Hear It From A Master



“Gong cha has supported our team, making it ‘super’ easy for our team to open multiple stores. Their team is very selective in choosing franchisees with common values they upheld in making Gong cha a well-known, respected brand with ‘quality’ in mind.”

Owners of three Gong cha Cafes in Northern CA

“Gong cha helped me understand that there is another person in me I never got a chance to know. It’s like magic. I found a “me” with so much passion and a relentless drive to succeed in this industry.”

Kristopher Do,
Cerritos Franchisee, Southern CA