Each Gong cha store has its own catering structure.

When you submit an inquiry, our catering manager will relay your inquiry to the store closest to your venue and someone will reach out to provide further details for each catering option.

Everything that we offer in our in-store menu except for our Smoothies and Sparkling Series.

The earlier the better so that our stores have more time to prepare, however; at least one week’s notice is preferred as it takes time for some stores to reach out.

Our bulk order option.

To place a bulk order, you can simply visit our online ordering page and select the store closest to you.

No, catering options vary store by store.

Please contact your local store or submit an inquiry and someone will reach out to let you know what is offered from your closest Gong cha location.

Yes! Typically we assign events based on the distance from the venue to the closest Gong cha location but if you have a preferred store you wish to work with, please let us know in the notes section of your inquiry.

This will depend on your overall order size. Please let us know your total cup count and we will let you know how many tea options you can choose.

Ice can be adjusted but teas are pre-sweetened at the store prior to your event.

We do not at this time. All catering orders must be paid for in full prior to the event date.