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Tea Master Concept

Our employees thrive to be Tea Master. Tea Master is a name given to the employee as a membership that comes with strong sense of pride and expertise. Tea Master must provide a unique service of Gong cha to the customers.

Join the Gong cha Team

on tea handling

Tea master must take special courses on teas in order to provide fresh teas with good taste to customers.

Kind Reception
with smile at all times

Bright small and positive attitude toward customers, making their satisfaction No. 1 priority at all times.

heart-to-heart approach

Beverages, teas should be prepared and served with utmost care for every single customer.

Employee Perks

Competitive Compensation

Paid Time Off*

Comprehensive Health Plans*

Performance Bonus

Employee Free Drinks

Offsites and Happy Hours

*Offered to full-time employees

We are currently hiring below positions in all locations

  • Viewed as a Leader of the Team
  • Are you able to coach and train high standards in all positions to all team members
  • Ensure every Guest walks away with a Perfect Drink and a Great Experience
  • Possess a Sense of Ownership in all that you do!
  • Contribute to building a positive and productive Culture within the Café
  • Efficiently carry out Operational, Marketing and Financial tasks and programs
  • Do you possess a keen awareness of WHAT should happen, WHEN and HOW?
  • High Energy
  • Great People Skills
  • Ability and desire to “Build the Perfect Drink”
  • Maintain and exemplify high standards in all areas of Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Organization
  • Detail oriented combined with a Sense of Urgency and Pride in all that you do
  • Great communicator and a keen desire to ensure all of our Guests have a great experience
  • Keen desire to be the BEST!

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