Gong cha cafe interior


Symbol Mark

Gong cha logo (symbol mark)
Gong cha logo - symbol mark

Gong Cha — which translates to “tribute tea for the emperor”. The color of the Gong cha symbol mark is Gong cha Imperial Seal Red and Gong cha Pearl Brown.


Word Mark

Gong cha logo (word mark)
Gong cha logo - word mark

The logo and symbol of Gong cha are representative visual values.

Brand Slogan


Brewing Happiness

Brewing Happiness - brand slogan

Every time we put on our uniforms, greet our customers, brew our tea, and hand over our quality products, we are Brewing Happiness with sincere love and care.

Brand Pattern

Basic System

Gong cha Tea Red pattern example


Gong cha Red

Gong cha Water Blue pattern example


Water Blue

Gong cha Leaf Green pattern example


Leaf green

Gong cha Milk Beige pattern example


Milk Beige

The four elements that make up good tea have been simplified into patterns, creating images of Gong cha that can be used for multiple applications.