Mochi Waffle

Mochi Waffle - Crunchy Outside. Chewy Inside.
Mochi Waffle - Gong cha Mochi Waffle Powder, Honey, Milk, Egg, and Butter
Mochi Waffle - 2 Pieces.
Mochi Waffle with Ice Cream
Gong cha Mochi Waffle Powder

Mochi Waffle
Crunchy outside, chewy inside.

• Mochi waffle $4.00.
• Mochi Waffle w/ Ice Cream $4.75

Crunchy outside, chewy inside. Only at Gong cha.
Gong cha Mochi Waffle Powder
– Honey
– Milk
– Egg
– Butter

Mochi waffle 2pcs
Bake them to perfection.
Dark brown and crispy.
Enjoy them with your drink.

Mochi waffle with ice cream
Add a piece of summer delight to your waffle combo and make it a sandwich.

Gong cha Mochi Waffle Powder
Our secret special powder makes waffle crunchy and chewy in every bite.
Available now at all Gong cha California cafes.