To celebrate Chinese New Year, Gong Cha USA CA is proud to announce our brand new thermal sports bottle, and it comes with special offers!*
This promotion has ended.

Starting tomorrow, January 23rd through February 22nd, you can purchase one of our two thermal bottles. In addition, there is a special bundle deal of bottle and gift card which comes with a red envelope to use when gifting to a friend.

You’ll be able to purchase our thermal bottle for $15. Or for $2 dollars more, get the bottle PLUS a $5 gift card (that’s a $3 savings!). Then, bring your thermal bottle back in with you and save $0.10 on subsequent drink orders.

The thermal bottles come in either Gong Cha Red or Black. They are insulated, stainless steel, sports bottle style with a tea diffuser, about 10 3/4 inches tall, and have a capacity of 17 ounces. Quantity limited! Our stunning thermal bottles are a must-have for every Gong Cha fan.

Happy Chinese New Year!

*Available at all Gong Cha USA CA cafes except Davis, Sacramento, and Folsom.